Piedmont Capital Partners|MB

Piedmont Capital Partners|MB is a Merchant Banking firm created in 2005 with the goal of drawing on the years of merchant banking, corporate development, investment and finance experience of the firm's Managing Principal, Stan Manoogian. 

Initially, P|MB acted largely in an advisory capacity on behalf of other private equity and mezzanine funds; advising them on optimizing portfolio companies, evaluating potential platform investments, bolt-on acquisitions in the US and Europe and fund raising.  While doing so, we waited for an opportune moment to launch our merchant banking effort. That opportunity presented itself beginning in 2008.   

P|MB's Managing Principal has led two prior merchant banking efforts.  Both were in response to recognized market inflection points. One led to the formation of Cascade Capital Holdings, an integrated bank holding company and the operation of its banking, securities, insurance and non-bank finance subsidiaries.  

The other, Washington Equity Partners W|E|P, was a merchant banking firm focused on investing in the infrastructure drivers of high growth economic activity in global emerging markets.  At P|MB we bring this collective experience to bear on opportunities we see present today.