Special situations: we like to listen

Special situations are just that: something out of the norm. 

Interesting opportunities may not always fit into a defined mold or investment template.  P|MB wants to listen to the ideas of strong management teams on how we can help them and ourselves make money through the deployment of capital and the collective experience we can bring to bear.

That may be restructuring or recapitalizing an existing company or asset, acquiring out of favor assets, or starting up a new effort in response to a perceived need. If you have a "story deal" that would potentially benefit from our common sense approach, we would be pleased to discuss it with you. We'll quickly determine whether we add value to each other's efforts.

Often times "story deals" can lose the thread of common sense early on.  In thinking about talking to us about your special situtation, we encourage you to highlight how your story benefits from and relies on a common sense application or idea in order to be successful.  If it does, we'll listen.